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ELLIOTT SHARP : bands & solo projects : velocity of hue

Solo compositions and improvisations by Sharp performed on a Godin Multiac electro-acoustic steel-string guitar.  The CD The Velocity of Hue was released in 2003 on Emanem Records from London.

"If much of his previous work has found beauty in extremes of intensity, he reverses course here, creating a cumulative intensity from extremes of beauty." — Steve Smith, TIME OUT NY

"The playing is elegiac, lyrical and passionate, and uses several extended techniques of finger-tapping, harmonics and fretboard noise as well as a subtle sinuous acoustic feedback to extend notes at will. Few other players have managed to liberate the language of steel blues so completely - one is reminded of Leo Kottke's more surreal passages. ..Most of all, though, the music has an extraordinary saturated living colour, as the title track (and its title) Velocity Of Hue so succinctly suggest." — Nick Southgate, THE WIRE