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´╗┐CARBON was first conceived in April 1983 and emerged from work on the fringes of the early hardcore and improv scenes with the bands I/S/M, The Hi-Sheriffs of Blue, and Mofungo. Carbon debuted at the Speed Trials festival in Soho in May 1983, alongside performances by Lydia Lunch, The Fall, Swans, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, and Toy Killers. The name appeared earlier as a song-title on the 1981 disc ISM and seemed perfect for the band concept: a sound that would be both earthy and ethereal, groove-oriented but jagged, and powered by hacked science and punk mania. In addition to a doubleneck guitar/bass, Sharp focussed on soprano sax and bass clarinet as well as using invented string/percussion instruments: slabs, pantars, and violinoid. No digital effects were used - all sounds were generated using extended techniques, amplifier distortion, and volume.

After a hiatus beginning in 1996, Carbon was reconvened in 2009 to produce the album Void Coordinates for the Intakt label from Zurich. Intakt has also released a 3xCD box, The Age of Carbon.

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